Our agreement


There is no charge to converse with you. TJWebUi will work with you (sensibly speaking) to structure a quality website.


Appraisals depend on anticipated time and measure of material expected to construct your website. Evaluations are not last; estimating may differ contingent upon the multifaceted nature of work. You will be advised whenever cost surpasses gauge and be approached to recognize.


Evaluating depends entirely on intricacy of structure. Most website composition is done on a RM100 a page spending plan, taking into account 500-800 expressions of content and a normal of 5 pictures for every page. Valuing depends on the hypothesis that your website ought to be spread out like a normal website with a route bar prompting pages.


Our normal procedure are, make 50% non-refundable deposit payment to kick off the website development. You will have the opportunity to view the website and make changes under development/staging website. Once you agree with the design you’ll need pay the other 50% balance to live the website and complete the other process. We will point your website on your server (hosting plan) through FTP client, and the process is complete.


TJWebUi does not showcase or publicize any website. The sole duty of getting guests to your website is yours. We basically give you quality website architecture at shabby costs, the rest is up to you. On the off chance that you need assistance discovering hotspots for promoting, TJWebUi can suggest a few places that are free or minimal effort.

Customer Responsibilities

  • providing current and refreshed Customer information (counting Customer’s name, address, email address, postal address, telephone and fax numbers, and so on.) for TJWebUi use in reaching Customer viewing the Services and generally as essential concerning the Services and checking those purposes of contact all through the Term of this Agreement for notification as well as updates from TJWebUi.
  • providing TJWebUi with all essential information, information, content, music, sound, pictures, photos, illustrations, video, messages, labels and custom pictures (counting, yet not restricted to, plan, handouts, leaflets, logos, and different pictures) and different materials (“Content”) to be utilized regarding a Customer website or online store (“Website”) or generally for use related to the Services, other than that Content which TJWebUi explicitly consents to supply;
  • acquiring any approvals important to utilize licensed innovation (counting, however not constrained to, copyrights and trademarks) or information of outsiders;
  • providing TJWebUi with unlimited access to the Website as well as related records as expected to give the Services hereunder;
  • granting TJWebUi and its subcontractors the important rights and licenses as for the Website, the Content and materials related thereto so as to complete commitments under this Agreement;
  • allowing TJWebUi to make a sensible number of recorded or back-up duplicates of the Website.

Contingent upon the Services you choose to get, you may likewise be in charge of building up and keeping up a business association with a monetary foundation or cash transmitter, for example, a Visa processor, bank or PayPal. The terms of any such relationship will be among you and that substance and such terms might be progressively prohibitive or place confines on your utilization of the Services and all things considered you should contact those elements for more information with respect to such terms where material.

Website Control and Content

Except if generally explicitly expressed in this, you will be exclusively in charge of the improvement, support and task of your Website, including the tolerant, preparing and documenting client orders produced through the Website, and taking care of any client request, protests, or debate emerging from requests or deals created through the Website. You concur that TJwebUi has no commitment to back-up any information identified with the Website’s activities and you ought to freely find a way to keep up such information as per your necessities and prerequisites.

You will be exclusively in charge of making, overseeing, altering, checking on, erasing and generally controlling the Content on the Website, paying little mind to whether TJwebUi gives any plan or customization Services to you under this Agreement, including all portrayals of the items and administrations you offer to clients of your Website and client created content on and identified with your Website. When going about as a course, TJwebUi will give you watchfulness over your Content furnished it is good and inter operable with any administrations gave under this Agreement (“Software”). You hold all rights, title and enthusiasm for and to all licensed innovation rights typified in the Content, select of any content given by TJwebUi.

You recognize that, while furnishing you with the capacity to distribute and appropriate your own-or outsider items, administrations or content on the Website, TJwebUi and its Software are acting just as latent conductors for the distributing as well as dissemination of such items, administrations or content. TJwebUi has no commitment to you or any outsider, and attempts no obligation, to survey the Website, the items or administrations recorded in that or some other content, including yet not restricted to client created content, distributed or potentially disseminated on the website to decide if any such item, administration or content may bring about risk to outsiders.

Aside from as generally expressed in the understanding, client is to be viewed as the proprietor of all client content. Amid the period that TJwebUi gives administrations to you according to this understanding, you thus concede to TJwebUi and its subcontractors a constrained, non-elite, eminence free, overall permit to duplicate, imitate, circulate, transmit, show, perform, make subordinate works from, change, and generally use and endeavor the website and the content exclusively to render the administrations here under. You additionally recognize and concur that TJwebUi maintains all authority to utilize your domain name and website screen shots in TJWebUi.com’s portfolio or potentially other publicizing and special materials.

Aside from as explicitly permitted under this Agreement, you won’t, either straightforwardly or through an outsider, move your enthusiasm for and to the Website to any outsider without the express composed assent of TJwebUi.

Use and Ownership of Digital Images

The administrations may contain clip-art and photograph pictures (aggregate, the “Pictures”) and all things considered TJwebUi may give the Images to you during the time spent giving the administrations. The Images are either possessed by TJwebUi or authorized from an outsider. Except if generally stipulated by TJwebUi, your utilization of the Images is liable to the confinements put forward in this Section and generally as per this Agreement.

If Customer isn’t in break of this Agreement or any of the portrayals and guarantees contained in this, and gave Customer pays the appropriate charges, Customer may do the accompanying subject to the confinements put forward in this (endless supply of the Services or this Agreement all Customer rights and licenses in and to the Images will quickly end):

TJwebUi can buy advanced pictures for utilization of your website through an outsider merchant. These pictures more often than not cost roughly $49.99 every year, except will give you bit of psyche since they are enlisted to the website proprietor and accompany a permit.

  • incorporate the Images into your very own unique work and distribute, show and appropriate your work on the Website. You may not, nonetheless, exchange, sublicense or generally make accessible the Images for use or conveyance independently or withdrew from an item or site page. For instance, the Images might be utilized as a component of a page configuration, yet may not be made accessible for downloading independently or in an arrangement structured or expected for lasting stockpiling or re-use by others. Likewise, Customer might be furnished with duplicates of the Images (counting advanced documents) as a major aspect of work item, however client isn’t allowed to utilize the Images independently or as a feature of some other item;
  • back up, duplicate, or file the Images as important for inner use, and just as essential for that utilization. Any duplicate or file you influence must to incorporate the Image’s copyright information; and
  • in the ordinary course of work process, pass on to an outsider, (for example, a printer) brief duplicates of the Images that are indispensable to your work item and without which the item couldn’t be finished.
  • TJWebUi acknowledges no duty regarding any pictures showed on website.

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